Bay Buchanan

Arizona lawmakers, led by Senator Russell Pearce, have once again shown courage and boldness in their efforts to protect their citizens from the brutal consequences of an open border. Their latest measure is so tough and effective against illegal immigration that, if it is upheld in the courts, it could be the beginning of the end of massive illegal immigration in this country. Where Washington lacked the will to enforce the immigration laws of the country, Arizona may have come up with the means by which local communities will have the tools to do the job themselves. And there is no question; they do have the will.

So it is no surprise that La Raza and the open-border crowd in Washington are up in arms, demanding their President pass a “comprehensive immigration” bill this year. It is their last hope. Americans are outraged at the failure of the federal government to do its job—and state and local governments have stepped in where the feds have feared to go. Arizona has raised the standard for laws against illegal immigrants—they have made it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally. They no longer need Washington to solve this problem.

President Obama had the audacity to call Arizona legislators “irresponsible” for passing the law, claiming it will lead to racial profiling. What about the massive invasion along our border that exposes Americans to ever-increasing levels of violence against Americans, including murder and kidnapping? What about their civil rights? Not so much as a footnote for them.

Their first goal is to give all illegals amnesty so none of those restrictive state and local laws against illegal immigrants apply anymore—they will have been made legal. But there is also a second aspect to their efforts. It is to open our country to even more foreign workers—an unlimited supply to come to this country and compete with Americans for American jobs.

The latest version of “comprehensive immigration reform” that Obama and the Democrats hope to jam down our throats this summer is the one proposed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez. Even its name is a lie--“Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act.” What it does is put even more Americans out of work! Gutierrez has created a bill that takes great care of Mexican and other foreigner workers – at the expense of Americans. His bill would grant amnesty to millions of future illegal immigrants after giving the current illegal aliens amnesty and also creates a special visa to “prevent unauthorized immigration” by giving extra visas to the countries that are sending the illegal aliens here.

Bay Buchanan

Angela “Bay” Buchanan is a commentator for CNN, president of The American Cause, and chairman of Team America PAC.