Barney Brenner

In the current climate this may seem an unattainable goal. But the achievements in Colorado and Arizona are harbingers of what may lie ahead.

Some still assert that domestic data collection has thwarted multiple attacks.

But when the hardest of data was received from the Russians, this administration couldn’t keep its eye on the ball long enough to get a clue about the Boston bombings. Likewise the flashing lights prior to the Fort Hood massacre.

In view of those failures, claims that this data is being used just for security ring hollow.

All incumbents want to retain power. But these anything goes, Alinsky acolytes now have access to data, and its electoral ramifications, which Nixon couldn’t begin to dream of. And this administration can’t be trusted not to use it.

There are questionable concerns being voiced about the Feds acquiring domestic SWAT vehicles or stocking up on ammunition. Folks with those worries are missing something more compelling – and sinister.

The Left is attempting a bloodless coup.

Barney Brenner

Barney Brenner is a retired business owner in Tucson, Arizona