AWR Hawkins

With this backdrop on King’s worldview, it’s little wonder he’s bothered by the groundswell of opposition to President Obama’s mandate. And it’s also not surprising that he mocks the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins for fervently warning Americans about the “dangers of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” For people like King and his mentor Wallis, unbridled access to contraception and acquiescing to the demands of the homosexual agenda fall under the progressive umbrella of social justice. (For example, Wallis wants to see “civil unions from the state and even spiritual blessings for [same-sex] couples from congregations prepared to offer them.”)

Therefore, in the end, King’s column makes a handful of points that King appeared determined to make regardless of whether they were points that could be supported by evidence or not. His crucial mistake—one that the Body of Christ cannot make at a time such as this—is in underestimating the threat marriage faces via the homosexual agenda and the danger religious liberty and rights of conscience face via President Obama’s mandate.

Ironically, after reading King’s argument about how Christian leaders are looking outside the church for scapegoats, I can’t help but notice how King is doing the exact same thing himself. He is looking outside of the movement he shares with Wallis and trying blame everyone who’s not equally “progressive” for the push-back President Obama’s agenda is facing from Christians throughout America.

AWR Hawkins

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