AWR Hawkins

Moreover, the hate speech the left employs in trying to make their point is ridiculous.

That’s right: Homosexual activists are spewing hatred via disparaging and accusatory language toward Summit and the FRC simply because both organizations seek to protect children from exposure to sexual perversions.

For example, in an attempt to highlight and refute one of the supposed examples of “misinformation” put forth by the FRC, links to a FRC video which describes SB 48 as promoting the LGBT lifestyle. then seeks to refute it by letting a self-proclaimed “gay man from California” say “SB 48 does not promote the LGBT lifestyle.”

A riveting rebuttal, to say the least, and one that misses its mark by country mile.

Of course SB 48 promotes the LGBT lifestyle. What else could be behind drawing such an exaggerated amount of attention to a group of people who literally represent an infinitesimally small percentage of our population? After all, only 1.4% of all citizens in the U.S. claim to be practicing homosexuals. And from that number you can deduce that the number of bisexual and transgendered individuals is much, much smaller. (Probably less than .09% of the total population, perhaps even less than .04%.)

Yet Summit and the FRC are supposed to sit quietly on their hands while a proportionately minuscule group of individuals impose a curriculum on young minds that violates mainstream religions, parental rights, and traditional sexual mores (not to mention, common sense)?

It still doesn’t seem very “fair” to me.

AWR Hawkins

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