Austin Nimocks
It seems that more and more, a small contingent in America is constantly pressuring the majority of Americans to acquiesce to their demands. And to achieve success, the contingent exaggerates its own numbers, so as to seem less peripheral than it really is.

And while this strategy is nothing new in the American experience, it has never served a group better than it’s served those practicing homosexual behavior in the U.S—a group that constitutes approximately 1.4 percent of our population according to the Centers for Disease Control, yet successfully gives the impression that its numbers are far more substantial.

This illusion has been achieved through various avenues: from overstating the size of their population segment via their ubiquity on the big screen and the small screen, to taking advantage of the help they receive from the non-stop push for same-sex “marriage” and the propagandistic support of academicians around the world. And as a result, the American people have been strong-armed into caving on same-sex “marriage,” civil unions, and even on accepting homosexual behavior as just another lifestyle option.

In fact, those who advocate the cultural, legal, religious, and other so-called justifications for homosexual behavior, have done such a good job that many Americans actually believe those who practice homosexual behavior exist in our society at a rate of 21 times (2,100%) the reality!

For example, Gallup polls from 2002show that 25 percent of Americans believed individuals who practice homosexual behavior made up 25 percent of our population. And by 2011, the number who believed 1 in 4 Americans were practicing homosexuals had risen to 30 percent.

All the while, the real number is 1.4 percent - not 1 out of 4 Americans but 1 out of 100

This miniscule number should do more than shock us—it should also wake us up to the fact that an even smaller part of the 1.4 percent is militant, and as such, is actively exaggerating reality in a bid to turn the norms of American society upside down.

In other words, the percentage of militant, practicing homosexuals in our population is probably .07 percent, but when Americans believe that 1 of every 4 people is attracted to the same sex, it is no wonder that this meager percentage of our population has succeeded in securing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and a complete abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Austin Nimocks

Austin R. Nimocks is senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization that has defended marriage and religious liberty in courts throughout the U.S.

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