Austin Hill

How quickly can 700 government employees spend three-quarters of a million taxpayer dollars at a resort hotel?

Last week the Social Security Administration flew approximately 700 of its managers from across the U.S. and Guam to Phoenix, Arizona’s posh Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort, for “organizational training.” The event, which included musical entertainment and dancing, skits, catered food, cocktails, and a “casino night” featuring “door prizes,” cost us lowly taxpayers approximately $750,000.

Forget that the Social Security Administration, a division of the U.S. Government to which every American is required by force of law to hand-over a portion of their earnings, has been headed for insolvency for over a decade. Ignore the fact that SSA is estimated to waste hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year in faulty “overpayments.”

And as long as we’re experiencing a need for disregarding details, make sure you overlook these facts, as well: The United States Federal deficit is rapidly approaching $1 trillion (last month it surpassed $991 billion). The Congress and our President spent $787 billion (dollars that haven’t been collected yet - remember, the government is in “red ink,” and politicians are spending money that they don’t yet possess) back in February to “stimulate” the economy, and now, with the economy continuing to sag, are contemplating another “stimulus package.” President Obama, insisting that our government must take-over the health care industry, has now proposed a “reform” bill that imposes a tax on the money that Americans already spend on health insurance, and uses that new tax revenue to pay for the “universal healthcare” that is to be provided to other Americans (other healthcare bills in Congress propose to levy a “surtax” on “rich” Americans, so as to fund “universal healthcare”). And after a four-week slide in stock prices and the announcement of new, higher unemployment figures, President Obama insisted last week that his stimulus plan “has worked as intended,” and is now considering a ‘financial bailout” plan for America’s privately owned small businesses.

Austin Hill

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