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More importantly, Obama was asked whether he still intends to “give a speech in an Islamic capitol,” something he promised to do while he was a candidate. To this, Obama replied:

“This is something that I talked about doing in the campaign and it's something that I intend to follow through on. What the time frame is, how we structure that, you know, is something that I will determine with my national security team in the coming weeks and months. But I think we've got a unique opportunity to reboot America's image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular. So, we need to take advantage of that and the message I want to send is that we will be unyielding in stamping out the kind of terrorist extremism that we saw in Mumbai…”

Throughout his campaign, Mr. Obama reiterated the popular liberal notions that America is hated throughout the world, and this hatred is all because of President Bush, and once Bush is out of the White House the world will love America again. In his famous speech from Berlin last summer, Obama claimed that both Americans and Europeans need to follow the example set by “the vast majority of Muslims” who seek peace throughout the world. And his campaign promise to deliver a speech in an Islamic capitol was thought to be the ultimate gesture of tolerance and acceptance, the ultimate celebration of diversity, that would finally bridge the gap between the Muslim world and civilized society.

Yet now, as the soon-to-be 44th President of the United States, Obama is making his proposed speech at an Islamic capitol contingent on national security concerns. In discussing his promises to “reach out” to the Muslim world, he can’t avoid mentioning the murderous attack on the economic epicenter of Mumbai by Muslim extremists. He equivocates over a simple question about his own middle name. In short, Mr. Obama is, in a variety of ways, acknowledging, however hesitantly, that there are things about the Muslim world that are absolutely uncivilized, and are not to be tolerated.

Our President-elect may be, for the first time, awakening to some harsh realities about the world. He may also be implicitly acknowledging what he has always known, and the pacifist campaign rhetoric was nothing more than that - - rhetoric.

Regardless, one can only hope that an extremely liberal Congress, and the social and political left, generally, will experience a similar “awakening.”

Austin Hill

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