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Ms. Stanek tells of a particularly heart-wrenching and chilling situation wherein she observed a Downs Syndrome baby boy that was “born,” wrapped up in a blanket, and then set on a shelf in the hospital’s “soiled utility room,” left to die. Grieved at the idea of the little boy “dying alone,” Ms. Stanek goes to attend to the child, and cradles and rocks him until he finally passes away some forty-five minutes later.

When Ms. Stanek began speaking-out publicly about her observations and experiences, she quickly garnered attention from Illinois state legislators and media professionals. But Barack Obama, then a member of the Illinois state legislature, would have nothing to do with the movement that formed in opposition to the “induced labor abortion” procedure and the infanticide that was resulting from it. Indeed, thee times Mr. Obama opposed legislation that sought to prevent the “babies left for dead” scenario, and would have required that babies who were born be given life sustaining care.

Ms. Stanek later went on to the federal level, testifying before members of Congress both in 2000 (while Bill Clinton was still President), and in 2001 (after Bush had taken office), on the infanticide that was occurring in American hospitals. After both the U.S. House and Senate unanimously passed the “Born Alive Infant’s Protection Act,“ Ms. Stanek attended the bill’s “signing ceremony” at the invitation of President Bush.

So let’s be very clear: staunch abortion advocates Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Russ Feingold, all recognized in 2002 the brutality entailed in leaving American newborns to die on the shelf in the “soiled utility room.” Yet, the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama could not recognize this.

In the final analysis, it may not matter whether or not the Democratic Party includes the words “rare” and “reduce” in the abortion plank of its platform. The party has chosen as its standard bearer a man who represents something that is perhaps even more vicious than abortion, and if elected, could take the nation into dilemmas like we've never seen before.

Austin Hill

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