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Some would argue that McCain is not sufficiently “pro family,” because of his unwillingness to support a constitutional amendment that further strengthens this traditional definition of marriage. While the so-called “marriage amendment” was being contemplated in the Senate back in 2006, McCain argued quite out in the open that the question of how to define marriage is best left to the individual states, and ought not be dealt with in the Congress.

McCain further argued that, in any event, amending the constitution is very risky business, and should not be utilized by social conservatives as a political tactic, lest the Congress and the White House be taken over by the opposing party at some point in the future. This was during the late Spring of 2006; and McCain’s concerns proved to be valid, when, only a few months later in November of that year, the Democratic party won control of both the House and the Senate.

So if McCain is perceived as not being sufficiently “pro family,” how could he at the same time be perceived as “too closely aligned” with social conservatives?

Well - - turns out that in McCain’s hometown of Phoenix, Mayor Phil Gordon endorsed McCain’s presidential campaign. Mayor Gordon is a Democrat (albeit a moderate Democrat), and while it is not surprising to see Mr. Gordon support our Senior Senator’s presidential bid, his choice in doing so is strikingly different from the Obama endorsement that came from our liberal Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano.

But guess what has happened to Mayor Gordon, since he announced his support for McCain as president? He’s dealing with a backlash from Phoenix’ “LBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and Tran gendered) community.”

You see, back in 2006 Senator McCain did a television ad campaign supporting a statewide ballot initiative that sought to prohibit any changes in the definition of marriage (the “Protect Marriage Arizona” initiative). Social conservatives loved McCain for this, while moderates and liberals hated it (supporters of the initiative became known as “the McCain’backed bigots” in the minds of some).

The ballot initiative failed, and yet, in the process, McCain got labeled as a “social conservative” among many of the most liberal of Arizonans. Thus, when Mayor Phil Gordon endorsed McCain for president, the LBGT community of Phoenix felt a sense of betrayal.

So many details, and nuances, and different angles. They’re all a part of John McCain

Austin Hill

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