Austin Hill

And Rosalyn Carter was known to not only attend, but to take an active role in President Jimmy Carter’s cabinet meetings.

But we’ve never had a First Lady who took such an active role in policy making, as did First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton during Bill Clinton’s first term as President. Combine this with the reality that we’ve never had a former President play the role of “First Spouse,” and it’s difficult to deny that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like none other that we’ve known.

We’ve already seen a pattern of former President Bill Clinton gradually emerging into a more prominent role in Hillary’s campaign. As recently as February of this year, the talk was that Hillary may need to distance herself from Bill so as to avoid being plagued with questions about his impeachment.

But by April, Hillary was telling audiences that, when she becomes President, she will appoint Bill to be “Ambassador To The World” (her choice of words, not mine). And think about this for a moment: if we are to take Hillary seriously about this proposed title for her husband, it could, at the very least, re-define the job of Secretary Of State.

Ultimately, we have a very unique former First Lady running for the presidency, and a very unique former President “running,” if you will, to be “First Spouse.” Add to this the reality that Hillary Rodham Clinton is far more partisan, more ideologically driven, more polarizing, and far less charming than her former President husband - - and it’s not difficult to imagine how Bill could easily overshadow his wife, and most everyone else in her administration.

This is not shaping-up to potentially be another “co-presidency,” as was promised in 1992.

This is looking more like the makings of Bill’s third term.

Austin Hill

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