Austin Hill

Days ago Vick himself said publicly that his actions were “immature,” which touched off some wild speculation in the news media about whether or not the Atlanta Falcons should let him return to play someday.

But Vick's so-called "apology" doesn't scratch the surface of what he has done. Vick’s behavior has not been merely "immature," it has been sociopathic - - and he hasn’t even come close to conveying that he understands this.

The respective fates of these men remain to be seen. Vick’s future will be determined largely by a decision of one judge, and the leadership of the National Football League, while the future of “DMX” (his actual name is Earl Simmons, for those keep track) is unknown pending a conclusive decision from police investigators, and whatever subsequent legal events that may arise from that.

But at this point, we can be assured of this: The world of American pop culture, a world usually very accommodating of every possible “animal rights” concern, has fallen silent in the face of some egregious behavior by two of their own.

Apparently, fears of appearing “racially insensitive” trump any concerns at all for un-fed, un-watered, dead, and possibly-burned-alive dogs.

Austin Hill

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