Austin Hill

For them, appearing on America's #1 cable news channel is tantamount to "sleeping with enemy.” And in the case of September's presidential debate, left-wing activists applied serious political pressure, even to the point of threatening political “damage,” so as to ensure that their candidates didn't get anywhere near "the enemy."

Now, let's be sure that we're connecting the dots correctly: the same far-left political contingency that seemed to be fine with House Speaker Pelosi's "diplomatic" visit to the known terrorist-state of Syria, was willing to cannibalize its own candidates had they stuck with their original decisions to appear on the "wrong" TV channel.

The silliness and lack of logic among the ranks of these activists is both laughable, and seriously troubling.

But the greatest concern here lies in the fact that three presidential candidates - - two sitting United States Senators, and a former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate - - acquiesced to this nonsense.

To be fair, Edwards, Clinton and Obama are all smart enough to understand the priceless nature of the Fox Newschannel opportunity. But their respective choices point to a very serious question: should one of these individuals be elected President, how might they lead the entire United States in confronting its real enemies?

Austin Hill

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