Ashley Pratte

Interestingly, the Foundation’s poll also found that once young people learned that they had to provide personal and private information on, they were 52 percent less likely to recommend Obamacare to their peers. Given the many issues with the website, this should be of major concern to the White House. No matter how many deadline extensions they provide young people are not comfortable with providing private information over a very insecure website nor do they want to encourage their peers to enroll. The bottom line is that the Obamacare is extremely unpopular with millennials and no extension will solve that problem.

Well, yet again the White House has proved to the American people that they are incapable of handling this monstrosity of a law. Obamacare has caused nothing but hardship for the very people it intended to help as well as businesses, doctors, and employers. Extending the deadline only perpetuates the massive headache associated with the rollout of Obamacare.

The deadline extension does nothing to help those who have lost insurance or who can't afford healthcare, it only aims to serve the administration to allow them to hopefully meet their enrollment requirement. This deadline extension is purely out of desperation rather than to the benefit of the American public.

Ashley Pratte

Ashley Pratte is a communications consultant in Washington, D.C.