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“For too many students, Valentine’s Day on campus means being bombarded with messages that promote commitment-free hookups and distort the true meaning of human sexuality,” said Caitlin Seery, Director of the Love and Fidelity Network. “Sex Week and condom giveaways are common features of mid-February campus programming, and we think students deserve better than that.” (It’s so bad that students at several schools send “condomgrams” to each other in lieu of flowers or cards. The modern campus is so sex-obsessed, it’s is the only place in the world where sending someone a condom is considered Not Creepy.)

Students at nearly 25 participated in LFN’s campaign. Activities included speeches on the sexual climate as it relate to larger issues, including mental health (The University of Pittsburgh hosted Dr. Freda Bush, author of Hooked, a book about the impact of hooking up on the mental development of young adults) and human rights (William & Mary hosted “A Tangled Web: The Connections Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking,” a lecture by Mary Rose Somarriba). All were intended to “promote healthy dating and relationship attitudes that respect the integrity of sex and offer a more meaningful vision of love and relationships,” according to Seery.

While the campaign had nowhere near the amount of administrative support—and corporate money—that has been poured into massive events like Yale’s “Sex Week,” it’s a step in the right direction. After all, researchers have found that many college students do want relationships, even if they pretend otherwise. About 66 percent of women and 58 percent of men say they wanted their most recent hookup to turn into something more.

“This year’s theme highlights the rich and unique nature of authentic love, something that is missing from casual encounters,” said Seery. “We are excited to promote efforts that will spark dialogue and inspire students to think more deeply about what it means to write their own story.”

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