Ashley Herzog

The Gosnell trial involves women seeking abortions in an inner-city chop shop. Karnamaya Mongar, the woman Gosnell killed during an abortion, was a 41-year-old Nepalese immigrant from one of Philadelphia’s worst neighborhoods. The vast majority of his patients were desperately poor women of color. (Former employees claim that when Gosnell received the rare white, middle-class patient, he’d bring her into a separate waiting room so she wouldn’t see the real condition of the clinic.) In short: this story took so long to break because no one cared about these women.

“Sparse coverage shouldn't surprise us, despite the sensationalistic details of the Gosnell case, because horrific things happen to poor black people in urban areas all the time, and the press ignores them,” wrote Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic.

As for Gosnell’s other victims, we have trouble seeing them as humans at all.

“Truth be told, I don’t think these people consider abortion survivors as real people—or Gosnell a mass murderer,” pro-life blogger Jill Stanek wrote. “Calling Gosnell a ‘mass murderer’ for completing abortions outside the uterus brings them too close to pro-lifers who call abortionists mass murderers for completing abortions just a few inches the other way.”

Before we condemn the “liberal media” for burying the story, we should ask ourselves if we really wanted to see it.

In this case, the bias isn’t just the media’s—it’s ours.

Ashley Herzog

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