Ashley Herzog

This is bigotry against the disabled—nothing more, nothing less. The left’s usual political correctness went out the window, and it was okay to toss around the word “retard” like fifth graders on the school bus. They repeatedly claimed Palin earned this treatment by talking openly about her experience raising a special needs child. (Palin was accused over and over again of “using Trig as a pawn,” which I gather meant “not acting ashamed of him.”)

And it’s not just controversial politicians and their children who receive this sort of treatment after deciding to “keep” a special needs child. Ask my friend Cassy Chesser, who gave birth to her son, Wyatt, after receiving a prenatal Down’s syndrome diagnosis.

“Online, it’s mostly the usual... people calling him a retard, saying he'll never have a meaningful life. Stuff like that,” Cassy told me. “The worst is one girl who told me that I was crazy for having him and I should have had an abortion. Another person told me I shouldn't have any more kids because Wyatt would be too much of a burden.”

This is the message drilled into women carrying disabled children. Their pain and fear is already great, as women like Cassy can tell you. Doctors, friends, and family say: terminate it. And if you have a few thousand dollars on hand, doctors like Carhart will do just that—on the eve of the child’s due date, and sometimes at great risk to the mother’s health.

As a commenter on Operation Rescue’s site said of Morbelli, “I knew her…she believed she was doing something selfless.”

I believe she believed that. If we want to stop these gruesome late-term abortions, Americans ought to take a look in the mirror: how do we treat women like Jennifer Morbelli and their babies?

Ashley Herzog

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