Ashley Herzog

Tell that to the parents of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, who were carjacked and murdered in Tennessee by four black thugs in 2007. The killers raped Chris, shot him three times, and lit his body on fire on a set of railroad tracks. Over the next several hours, Channon was raped multiple times and had bleach poured down her throat. She was then “hogged-tied” and stuffed in a trash can to suffocate.

The DNA of two defendants, Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins, was found on the victims. All four admitted to witnessing and participating in various aspects of the crime, including raping the victims and holding them at gunpoint. They showed no remorse. When asked if he ever thought of sparing Channon’s life, defendant George Thomas replied, “F--- that white bitch, she don’t mean nothing to me.”

Only one defendant, Lemaricus Davidson, received the death penalty. The other defendants claimed he initiated the carjacking and ultimately stuffed Channon in the trash can. Davidson was tried by a black prosecutor and sentenced to death by a multi-racial jury. Rather than wantonly sending blacks to the death chamber, the juries reserved the ultimate punishment for an obviously guilty ringleader. Unfair? Racist? You be the judge.

Finally, they’ll say the death penalty is barbaric. If it’s barbaric to execute someone who has been granted an attorney, formally tried, convicted, and had his conviction upheld after decades of appeals, I’m happy to live in a nation of savages. Is death by lethal injection too cruel a punishment for a man who raped a woman before suffocating her in a trash can? Or a man who burned a child alive in her bed, surrounded by stuffed animals?

Only if you have no sense of justice. For the Petit family, justice has finally been served.

Ashley Herzog

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