Ashley Herzog

Yale columnist Natalie Krinsky wrote a novel, “Chloe Does Yale,” which was savagely attacked by critics—not for being “shocking” but for being precisely the opposite. Reviewers on complained that Krinsky “stole shamelessly from Sex and The City” and wrote “a boring, half-baked ripoff.” “The worst thing about the book is how cliched every sentence is,” one said.

After publishing outside the Yale bubble, I’m sure Krinsky was shocked to find that the general public didn’t find her raunchy prattle all that fascinating.

I’d love to see these wannabe iconoclasts do something truly shocking, something that might actually be met with social disapproval on campus rather than widespread acceptance. Like defending gun rights in speech class (after a student at Central Connecticut State University did that this year, he was arrested by campus police). Or challenging the usefulness of a program like Sex on a Saturday Night (when Princeton’s Cassandra DeBennedetto did, she was slammed as a “virginity worshipper”). Or even, apparently, writing a column about dinner dates.

But that’s the problem with college campuses: the people who keep telling you they’re individualistic and anti-establishment never are.

Ashley Herzog

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