Ashley Herzog

See how many students continue to show up to your pompously boring lectures about how America is a colonialist oppressor. See how many complete the assigned readings or study for tests. You’ll either have to force students to do those things—just as the Soviets had to force people to work on disastrously inefficient “collective farms”—or you’ll have to watch as your class deteriorates due to lack of productivity.

My guess is that your academic department won’t tolerate your socialist classroom for long. You’ll be replaced by a professor who actually does his job, one who expects students to learn the material and awards grades based on merit. Why? Because whether we’re talking about the economy or the classroom, most people instinctively know the notion of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is a recipe for disaster.

And I suspect that deep down you know it, too—despite what you say in order to fit in with the Marxist in-crowd on campus.

Ashley Herzog

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