Ashley Herzog

“When millions of people are going hungry, it's a crime against humanity that food should be diverted to biofuels,” Palaniappan Chidambaram, India's finance minister, said during the food riots.

But the complaint barely registered with the Planeteers. Instead of providing food for the poor, they’re more interested in pushing “sustainable farming”—which consigns Third World people to a life of backbreaking labor without the benefit of modern agricultural technology.

“Warming alarmists use ‘climate change’ to justify inhumane policies and shift the blame for problems that could be solved with the very technologies they oppose,” says Paul Driessen, a senior policy advisor for the Congress of Racial Equality. “Eco-colonialism keeps Africans ‘traditional’ and ‘indigenous,’ by insisting that modern technologies are harmful and not ‘sustainable’ in Africa.”

Under pressure from the West to fight “climate change,” the government of Chad banned the use of charcoal, the primary source of power for 99 percent of Chadians. The ban sent rural women and children scrambling to collect cow dung, sticks—anything they could burn in order to cook and boil water for bathing. Others took to the streets in protest of the new Save-the-Earth policy.

“We will not give up,” one woman said. “Better to die swiftly than continue dying slowly.”

I hope the people behind Ohio Earth Month are listening. But for Western colonialists, some causes have always been worth letting Third World people suffer for. And, sadly, it seems fighting “climate change” is one of them.

Ashley Herzog

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