Ashley Herzog

4. Be skeptical of classes with words like “Non-Western” and “Multicultural” in the title. Some are legitimate and valuable studies of societies outside the West. Others are taught by self-described “cultural relativists” who denigrate America while defending heinous cultural practices in the third world. For instance, I once took a class in which the relativist professor attempted to justify Female Genital Mutilation—a barbaric custom forced on little girls in Africa and the Middle East—by claiming it was no different from adult women in the West undergoing cosmetic surgery.

5. Don’t spend your money on what I refer to as “Trash Studies”: classes in pop culture, drugs, sex, and the entertainment industry. If your school offers something on the order of Berkeley’s “Journal Your Ass Off” or Johns Hopkins’ “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll in Ancient Egypt,” avoid them. These classes are especially tempting because students can earn A’s without putting forth any intellectual effort. However, if you take your education seriously and want to maximize your tuition dollars, avoid Trash Studies, where you’ll inevitably learn a boatload of nothing.

Of course, many of these classes are difficult to avoid and might even be required for graduation. But I hope this list will prevent college freshmen from wasting their precious time and money on the politically correct, non-educational classes that have become so common on our campuses.

Ashley Herzog

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