Ashley Herzog

Liberals stubbornly deny that concealed weapons serve any defensive purpose, repeating tired canards such as “handguns only exist to kill people.” True, but they came in handy at Appalachian State University in 2002, when a disgruntled student who had already killed three people brought a gun to the School of Law Building. According to economist John Lott, author of The Bias Against Guns, the shooter was subdued by two students with legally registered firearms. If Appalachian State had passed similarly useless mandates designating “gun free” zones, the massacre at Virginia Tech might not have been the first to shock the nation.

Realizing that restricted areas and bans on concealed weapons aren’t saving lives, gun-control advocates propose a more extreme solution: we must ban all guns. To gauge how successful that plan would be, America should look to England, where private ownership of guns is illegal.

Surprising no one except “experts” like Rosie O’Donnell, British criminals still manage to get hold of firearms. In 2002, the BBC reported that the gun ban “seems to have had little impact in the criminal underworld. No one knows how many illegal firearms there are in Britain, although estimates range from between 200,000 to several million.” And a report by England’s

Sunday Express concluded that “guns are available to any criminally minded individual.”

Notably, Britain also doesn’t have an unpatrolled, 2,000 mile southern border through which illegal products can be easily transported. If the U.S. government can’t keep an enormous amount of drugs and human contraband from being smuggled into the country, why do we think they could keep guns out?

A nation with neither guns nor violence is ideal. Unfortunately, it only exists in a place known as “liberals’ fantasy world.” Despite assumptions to the contrary, guns are much more difficult to get than they were a few decades ago – especially for law-abiding citizens. And yet the carnage continues.

The most realistic solution is to permit responsible people to carry concealed weapons. With proper training, they can use firearms to deter people bent on committing unspeakable acts of violence.

We can only hope that extreme gun-control advocates stop blathering about America’s “gun culture” and “the cycle of violence” and realize that concealed weapons save lives. Until then, victims will be crawling on their bellies and blocking gunmen with their own bodies until someone else with a gun can come rescue them.

Ashley Herzog

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