Armstrong Williams

So what about us has changed? I mentioned that Obama has done nothing to combat our cultural decline; in fact, he has been its chief beneficiary. Only Barack Obama could get away with mandating contraception coverage and running advertisements comparing voting for him to sex. Mitt Romney won 56% of married voters, and 53% of married women; Barack Obama won 62% of unmarried voters, and 67% of unmarried women. What a difference marriage makes.

The Democratic Party will continue to promote policies that hurt our country, and that hurt will continue to send people running to the Democratic Party for “help.” When Democrats win elections, they make long-term calculations: they would never have been able to bribe large groups of the population if they had never got into office, and they have been rewarded for this with still more power by these same groups. Republicans have done their share of bribery (see Medicare Part D), but to less avail. True conservatives—the anti-bribery minority—simply cannot compete against this. Because of this, the American spirit will likely continue to erode, and 2012 will go down as a watershed.

The Obama administration tried to hide many of its own policies—Obamacare regulations, Dodd-Frank regulations, etc.—until after the election, and so, 2012 will go down as the last year in American history without these new apparatuses. It is hard to explain, and hard even to imagine, the “fundamental change” that is about to take place in this country.

Despite the Mayan prophecies, the world didn’t end this year. It might have felt like it would at times, but the end is still to come.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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