Armstrong Williams

What makes this emphatically worse is left-wing permissiveness, which is, after all, rooted in the same naivety. Logically, domestic permissiveness cannot be a justification for Left-wing Big Government and social programs, and yet, that is precisely what these leftists argue. They create a problem, and then apply a solution that creates another problem. They put a program on top of another, failed program, ad infinitum. This is, of course, their entire modus operandi.

We have a violent culture, caused not by the intrepid American spirit, not by patriotism, not by American foreign policy, not by strong families, not by strong religion, not by a strong military. In fact, it is the lack of all these things: abandoning morality, parental discipline, and an overall obsession with instant gratification. In many schools today,religion is non-existent. In our homes, violent video games consume more of our children’s time than anything else: how could these things not have any impact? Can it be clearer that they do?

Parents can't even punish their children anymore. The family law code is longer and more commented on than ever, the family more regulated than ever, and, thus, more impotent than ever. We have outsources the basic duties and responsibilities of parents to the government, and, to our great surprise, have found that we are worse parents for it. In New York, parents can even be arrested for verbally challenging their kids.

This is a time to reflect, not on what rights we can take away from our fellow citizens, but on appreciating what we do have, and bearing in mind always, how tenuous and fleeting are all our goods in this brief life. Times like these burn away all of our illusions, all of our feelings of entitlement, and remind us that we must adapt ourselves to reality, and not vainly try to adapt reality to ourselves.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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