Armstrong Williams
General Petraeus is a genuine American hero, a man of great intellect and proven integrity, which makes his sudden resignation for adultery very curious. The timing of it just after the election, and his scheduled testimony on the Benghazi affair only make things look more suspicious. Indeed, it seems that the more answers we get, the more questions arise.

We know that Benghazi was not the result of a protest. We know that the White House and the rest of the Administration knew it before they told us that it was. Hearings are continuing to be conducted into the Benghazi affair, but one has to also ask what the point of any hearings are at this point. The election is over: the criminals got away with their crimes. The people have publicly pardoned the Administration for not only its ineptitude and economic illiteracy, but its outright corruption.

Benghazi was enough, but now this. Now we have the corruption of not only the head of the CIA but General Allen.We have the Director of the CIA being investigated by the FBI, something out of a dystopian novel or television drama. These are the men trusted with keeping us safe, and yet they cannot be trusted with an email account. As Democrat President Harry Truman asked, “if his wife can’t trust him, why should I?”Whether or not you trust Allen and Petraeus, you have been trusting them with your safety for years. This should be deeply unsettling for every American.

Several CIA Directors have had affairs, and, even though this doesn't excuse the behavior, it makes the secrecy of this current situation all the more suspect. The FBI was first informed of the affair in May, along with the Attorney General,and the affair was investigated. It strains the limits of credulity to say that this top level investigation was ongoing without the knowledge of the White House. Such things simply do not and have not occurred in the past.

That Mrs. Kelley even got the ear of General Petraeus is disturbing, and a sign that we have much bigger problems than Petraeus’ libido. Both of the Kelley sisters exhibit serious mental pathology, and an obsession with trying to get close to our military brass that sounds like something out of a Cold War James Bond movie. Jill Kelley has referred to herself as “an honorary consul general,” and claimed diplomatic immunity, which, if it the context were not so terrifying, would be hilarious.

This is a woman who should not be trusted with a driver’s license, never mind hours and hours of time from some of the most powerful and important people in the country. The things that we know that she has done are downright pathological.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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