Armstrong Williams

First leftists got the freedom to marry people of the same gender. They even got the freedom to adopt defenseless, innocent children with their homosexual lovers. Then they got the Catholic Church out of the adoption industry. Now they sue you if you don’t want to photograph their gay wedding.

Any disparity is against their ideal society, no matter how evanescent or specious it may be. To them it is not just evidence but automatic, compelling proof of discrimination.

Any disagreement with them and they label you. And how do they label you? What form does their bigotry take? They call you a bigot. It’s a clever tactic of bigots to try to make all labels as meaningless as possible. It’s also a form of poisoning the well: if they call you a bigot first, then when you say it back, it has less force, since you’ve already been labeled.

You don’t want to pay for their contraception? You’re waging a war on women. You want to enforce the drug laws? They are victims of your war on drugs.

Does anybody think that this totalitarian, monstrous pattern of behavior will end? Is there a limiting principle? Don’t ask the Solicitor General. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court doesn’t think so. They will never stop because their ideal is not about the state, it is about society, it is about an illusory Utopia.

There will always be a next step for them. It will never stop. Thirty years ago, people would have laughed at the idea of gay marriage. Now it is forced upon us.

I will make a few predictions about Obamacare. It will be implemented, jobs will be destroyed, the economy will tank, which means that more and more people will qualify for free stuff and fewer and fewer people will be able to pay for free stuff.

According to the Doctor Patient Medical Association, 83% of American doctors have considered retiring because of Obamacare.

Thousands of doctors will retire rather than worry about the new laws, taxes, and legal liabilities. Eventually, there won’t be enough doctors to take care of all these people qualifying for free stuff. The money for free stuff will run out.

The next step everyone already knows from looking at Canada and Europe. Waiting for a doctor will be like waiting for bread behind the Iron Curtain. The problem will worsen and worsen.

Unless the whole system simply collapses, we all know the final step: compulsion. When you run out of money and they can’t tax you anymore, they will simply compel you to do it. After the individual mandate, there can only be a doctor retirement ban.

Anyone with a background in early modern political thought can see this coming: all rights have corresponding duties. If you add rights, you add duties. The government has added the right to healthcare, so someone has to have the duty to give healthcare. As that pool of people shrinks, there is only one way to fix it: by force.

God save this country.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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