Armstrong Williams

Miss Kagan does not represent the “real world” as Mr. Obama put it. If she does, look out, because heaven only knows where the court goes from here. Neither does she understand the law “as if it affects ordinary Americans,” as the president stated during his speech last week. How much does anyone know about this nominee, her positions and true identity on the important and critical issues that are brought before the high court? What are the current justices thinking on a deeper level about this nominee and her lack of pedigree?

The Washington Post’s Kathleen Harrington summed it up best by writing, “ a New York City girl who attended a prep school, Ivy League colleges and law school — who once barred military recruiters from Harvard's recruitment office and was an adviser to Goldman Sachs — can't be characterized as anything close to mainstream America.”

Did anyone in the White House press shop think about asking the POTUS just how he expects to defend that statement? Even White House press secretary Robert Gibbs last Tuesday stammered his way through a response when he was asked the question. That’s not going away, either. In fact if you watch the network and cable news shows, the loyal friends and former professors are finding it difficult to sell Miss Kagan to the public. It’s comical to watch this parade of individuals selected by the White House and Congress, as they continue to fumble on their words when challenged about her credentials and background.

There’s only one word to summarize Mr. Obama’s choice — legacy. Miss Kagan’s ascension to the court affirms a liberal predilection the likes of which have not been seen since the Burger court. Think about it. The president’s domestic agenda is in shambles. His foreign policy moves of late have been questionable, particularly with respect to Iran and North Korea, not to mention his inaction on Chinese currency. His party stands to lose at least one, if not both, chambers of Congress because of his leftist bent.

This could be the last, most historic step he takes as a one-term president. (Forgive my boldness with this statement.) But I find it mind-boggling for a president whose entire campaign was to heal wounds and move this country from the most fringe elements of either party has done the exact opposite with his selection of Miss Kagan.

The move is so brazen and obvious that Mr. Obama must have known the response he would receive, and yet still he throws caution to the wind. That’s what legacy-minded presidents do — they convince themselves that, no matter what, history will prove them right. It is with this false sense that they forge ahead. It’s obvious that this president is hell bent on nominating individuals that reflect his skewed interpretation of the Constitution and will do his bidding if confirmed.

Barring any unvetted scandals that could come to light surrounding her nomination proceedings, I predict Elena Kagan will be confirmed. Whether she leaves her mark on history, Mr. Obama doesn’t care. This pick was more about his mark on history than anyone or anything else.

Will the American people sit idle and watch the Senate Judiciary Committee and ultimately the full Senate confirm this nominee without a thorough vetting process to fully understand who Solicitor General Elena Kagan truly is. The American people deserve better given the future impact this nominee could have on the court.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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