Armstrong Williams

In the “Louisiana Purchase,” Democratic Senator Landrieu sold her vote for a $300 million aide package. Louisiana, like the other 48 states (excluding Nebraska), will incur a huge unfunded mandated expenses from Medicare and Medicare if the health care legislation is passed. The state will have to fund these expenses with additional taxes without additional federal revenue. ($300 million is not enough to prevent state tax increases.) Yes, President Obama may literally keep his promise not to raise Federal taxes on Americans making less than $250,000, but he is breaching the spirit of his promise by forcing the states to raise taxes to pay for his unfunded federal health care mandates. America got a much better deal in the original Louisiana Purchase. The taxpayers of Louisiana will realize that they did not get such a good deal in Landrieu’s Louisiana Purchase when the state has to increase taxes to pay for health care reform.

Poor Senator Dodd of Connecticut sold his vote for a mere $100 million university health facility. He was such a poor negotiator that he decided not to seek reelection rather than have his constituents unceremoniously fire him.

These unconscionable political deals using your taxpayer dollars are the tip of the iceberg. Michigan got a deal to exempt Michigan Blue Cross from the insurance company tax. Florida, Pennsylvania and New York got a deal to protect their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. Vermont got $10 Billion for health centers. If President Obama had not breached his campaign promises to put these negotiations on C-span, undoubtly more of these deals would be exposed for American voters to review and accept or reject.

Fortunately, this legislation is not the fait de complis that many of us thought on Christmas Eve. Out of left field, Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown is creating a tsunami in the health care debate. In the special election on Tuesday to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, Democratic candidate Attorney General Martha Coakley was expected to blow away Brown in the most reliable blue state in the nation where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by three to one. Several weeks ago, Coakley led Brown in the polls by 19 points. Today the race is a dead heat. The game changer was Brown’s promise to be the 41st vote in the US Senate against the pending health care reform legislation. If Brown wins the election, this health care legislation is DOA.

Do not expect President Obama’s visit to the Bay State on Sunday to help Coakley gather white working class votes. The president tore his britches with this group of voters when he said the Cambridge police acted “Stupidly” in arresting African-American Harvard professor Louis Gates for talking back to the cops. While the Massachusetts white working class usually votes predictably for Democrats, they tend to be law and order Democrats and are not particularly tolerant on racial issues. Coakley took a huge risk in having Obama come to the Bay State.

Even if Brown looses the race, he would have sent a resonating message to Blue Dog and moderate Democrats. If they want to keep their seats, they should vote against this legislation. Americans do not want this corrupt version of health care reform. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 55% of Americans are against this legislation and only 40% are in favor .

Nonunion private sector workers will not benefit from the Democrat’s health care reform legislation. They are being used by the Democratic Party and the labor unions to finance this health care legislation with the Cadillac health care tax. Their state taxes will increase because of unfunded Medicare and Medicaid mandates placed on the states. Federal taxes will eventually increase to pay for the disclosed and undisclosed deals in this legislation for special interest groups and to buy votes. Even if their federal taxes are not directly increased, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and medical providers will pass on their increased federal taxes to their customers in the form of higher prices. Worker’s health care will not improve and the cost of their health care will not decline as a result of this legislation.

Nonunion private sector working Americans are the key to turning the tide on this health care legislation. If they live in Massachusetts, they can vote for Brown on Tuesday or stay home if they cannot pull the lever for a Republican. If they live in the other 49 states, they need to contact their congressmen and and senators with a clear message – “Kill This Health Care Legislation.” The Democrats will listen to American workers now and kill the bill or loose their jobs in November.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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