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Fourth, Benjamin Netanyahu has just become Prime Minister of Israel. He promises action before Iran can achieve its nuclear threat. Israel’s Military Intelligence Maj.Gen. Amos Yadlin this week confirmed that Iran has now crossed the technology threshold needed to weaponize. The situation is hair-triggered as Israel and Iran both contemplate pre-emptive action. Therefore, during the past three weeks, the military endgame has become drastically closer.

Hillary Clinton’s recent “listening tour” to the Mideast was a great “photo op and a noble beginning with lots of mixed messages, but did nothing to decelerate the Iran nuke crisis.

Yes, Israel continues a massive game of global equipment sabotage, assassinations of Iranian scientists, and diplomacy. But it is not working and Israel is wondering how long it can wait. Days? Weeks? Months?

Remember, Tehran’s nuclear partner is Moscow. Russia has provided almost all of the nuclear material for the Bushehr nuclear reactor, along with thousands of technicians. President Vladimir Putin decided to deliver the final phases of the S-300 advanced air defense system which can track scores of Israeli airborne intruders simultaneously and knock them down. The S-300 will not be fully operational for several months. A nervous and narrow window exists for Israel’s forces to act. Sensing this, Moscow just quietly agreed to pause missile deliveries to Iran fearing it would only accelerate an Israeli attack.

President Ahmadinejad incessantly promises to counter or preempt any Israeli move by shutting the Strait of Hormuz, and destroying the indispensable Ras Tanura gulf oil terminal and the Saudi oil facility at Abqaiq. Tehran can easily achieve this by missile or bomber. According to author Black, any of these three moves would immediately stop 40 percent of all sea borne oil, 18 percent of global oil, and some 20 percent of America’s daily needs.

Low gas prices are irrelevant to an oil interruption. If it stops, it stops—at any price. Pump prices would become astronomical. Russia and Saudi Arabia would love to see pump prices zoom to more than $15 per gallon. That would make economic recovery completely impossible. No one could even afford the gas to look for work. America would be forced to go to war.

Actually, America has dangerously increased its oil vulnerability because of oil’s precipitous drop to about $35 per barrel. Canada, supplying about ten percent of our 20 million barrel daily use, requires $70 per barrel of oil to produce. At $35, much of Canada’s fast expansion has been shut down. America’s strategic petroleum reserve carries only two months worth of unrefined oil. According to The Plan, a protracted interruption would throw us into a Mad Max scenario.

Yet the Obama administration has developed no contingency plan. What must it do? To survive, America must retrofit much of its 250 million gas guzzling vehicles along with a surge of alt fuels. We have the compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen, electric, biofuel, non-agrifuel ethanol, methanol and other alt fuel technology right here right now.

We can compel Detroit to convert and retrofit now. We must lift EPA sanctions against converting vehicles off oil. Take some of those billions, Mr. President, and help this country survive both its economic and petro political vulnerability. In other words, get a plan.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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