Armstrong Williams

The notion of free and affordable healthcare may sound good to the liberal ear, but nothing in life is really free, no matter how many times you call it “moral” or label it a “fundamental right”. No one, including Hillary, has a problem putting their name on the back of the check, but someone (i.e. the American taxpayer) has to sign the front as well. Universal health care with a single payer system is flawed. And Clinton is writing one check that no American I know wants to help cash – especially hers apparently.

Yes, I am a harsh critic of Senator Clinton. Yes, there are many like me who would love to see her out of the race today. However, let us back up and look at it from her perspective. Whether we admit it or not, she has done a pretty good job of making Senator Barack Obama human and showing that he does in fact bleed. Clinton and her cadre of by-any-means-necessary inner circle believe that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is not going away any time soon. This writer will admit that it was a colossal mistake for Obama not to fully disassociate himself from this wayward minister, remove himself as a member of the church and disavow him once and for all.

What we don't know is what else these Clintons have dug up on Obama that convinces them that he will implode. You see, in order for Clinton to have a snowball's chance of winning this nomination, she has to come up with the goods that will be nothing short of causing Obama to serve jail time. What is it that the Clinton camp knows and is circulating throughout the elite media that could just devastate Obama (stay tuned: its coming!) to the point where Clinton will be a shoe-in for the nomination?

Are the Clintons convinced that if they're able to torpedo his campaign that Democrats will be able to unite and elect her in November? This columnist thinks that the Clintons are so blinded by a sense of entitlement, power, arrogance and selfishness that their political navigation system lost its direction long ago. However, it is clear her strategy will destroy what little credibility she has left, weaken Obama beyond recovery, implode the Democratic Party in the process, and assure Senator John McCain the victory for President this November.

Given how politically astute and seasoned these Clintons are why does it appear that they've taken such a diabolical and destructive course? I assure you, we may not understand it, but they know exactly what they're doing. Whatever happens… she owes us.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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