Armstrong Williams

As the support for Senator Larry Craig (R–Idaho) continues to erode after his arrest in a Minneapolis airport, I wonder how we as Americans, who entrust these elected officials to set an example of virtues and honor for the country and the world, should respond. We all want forgiveness when we've done something wrong, but seem so set on denying it when others err. There is no question that Senator Craig erred, where and how much may be more difficult to know.

Fortunately it is not up to us to condemn or forgive him for his questionable behavior in a bathroom stall and subsequent guilty plea, which he later said was a mistake. In the end all we can do is take a wait and see approach and, at the very least, remember not to condemn him as a person regardless of the outcome in court. Despite the actions of many of his fellow Republican lawmakers and their desire to ‘throw him out with the bath water,' as it were, we need to remember that we have all made mistakes. I'm not really sure what my role as a voting citizen should be, but my faith indicates to me that I should be praying for Senator Craig and his family during this time.

It seems that every month another Republican elected official gets himself into trouble. Last year Mark Foley (R–FL) was forced to resign from the House of Representatives after he sent a string of racy online messages to former congressional pages. In the last year or so, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the homes of Senator Ted Stevens (R–AK), Representative John J. Doolittle (R–CA), Representative Rick Renzi (R– AZ) ,and the homes of Representative Curt Weldon's (R–PA) daughter and her business partner. Besides all of this, we have seen former Representatives Duke Cunningham (R–CA) and Bob Ney (R–OH) go to prison for various reasons. Representative Don Young (R–AK) is under investigation for his ties to the oil company Veco, and Senator David Vitter (R–LA) nearly had to resign after reports surfaced recently about his involvement in a prostitution ring.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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