Armstrong Williams

Maybe it’s the dirty deeds done by her husband. Maybe it’s the botched health care proposal from years ago. Maybe it’s the haughty upstate persona. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s a she. Or maybe it’s just because she’s a New York Yankee fan and you’re not. Whatever the reason is, you hate Hillary.

Maybe it’s the fact she stuck by her man. Maybe it’s the guts she showed to propose universal health care before it was popular. Maybe it’s the strong, independent personality that she exudes. Maybe it’s that she’s not a he. Or maybe it’s because she roots for the Yankees too. Whatever the reason is, you love Hillary.

Love her or hate her, you made up your mind long ago about Hillary Rodham Clinton. The former First Lady, the current New York Senator, and the 2008 Presidential candidate, Mrs. Rodham Clinton is arguably the most well known woman in the world. So her job during the next two years will not be to gain name recognition but rather, to define herself.

During her first campaign stop in Iowa last week, she said all the right things. She showed her honesty (“I take responsibility for having voted to give him that authority.”), her partisanship ("The President misled Congress and the country on what he was seeking and what he intended to do."

), her independence (“I'm the one running for president."), her toughness (“When you are attacked, you have to deck your opponent.”), and her humor (“You guys keep telling me to lighten up, be funny. I get a little funny and now I’m being psychoanalyzed.”). And yet despite her strong first showing as a presidential candidate your opinions remain the same. As it probably will.

And that’s the problem. She has become a caricature to you. You know everything about her. You’ve heard her story one too many times – whether you read her bestselling autobiography or not. You turn up the volume when her husband is on television, or you change the channel. There’s no “in-between” with this woman. You love her or you hate her. So the question becomes: are there more lovers or haters out there?

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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