Armstrong Williams

Our military sources recalled the story of a woman who recently detonated herself and four others at the border checkpoint. What went unreported was that the woman had been having an adulterous affair. She was given a choice: Be stoned to death, or go on a suicide-bombing mission. She chose the latter because it was the only way to restore "honor" to her family.

Our intelligence sources also talked about how more children are being used to deliver explosives. Often it is younger siblings, traditionally treated as second-class citizens, who try to affix honor to their names by carrying out bombings. This sort of pathology is maintained through social and religious myths that indoctrinate the youth to extremism. Schoolrooms are decorated with pictures of suicide bombers, who are praised and glorified by teachers. One of the most popular pastimes for school kids is a card game called "how to be a suicide bomber."

From a young age these children are taught to blame the ruin of their lives on a nexus of crippling political decisions handed down by Israel. In a land where large portions of the population are starving and lack a sense of future possibilities, this kind of social conditioning holds a special appeal, suggesting a more glorious alternative to poverty.

Of course, the Palestinian leadership knows that it cannot dislodge Israel by force. And yet it continues to condition its citizens to engage in brutal and arbitrary suicide attacks.

The obvious implication is that many Palestinian suicide bombers aren't dying for change so much as they are dying because their own oppressive government is using them as pawns to keep themselves in power.

Meanwhile, Palestinians suffer. They are poor. They lack a court system, and even many basic rights. Their leaders have created a society dedicated not to building their own state but to destroying another - and sacrificing their own children in the process.

It is in the world's interest to have a peaceful Palestinian state. This will not occur until the Palestinians are no longer oppressed - not by Israel, but by the Palestinian dictators who send hopeless citizens across the border to martyrdom.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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