Armstrong Williams

Five years ago, a conference of Episcopalian church leaders flatly declared that the homosexual lifestyle was in direct violation of biblical scriptures. Therefore, they reasoned, it would be wrong to seat an openly gay bishop. In just the short time since, the homosexual agenda has inundated the culture, and the Bible has been tossed out on its axis.

Exhibit A - the recent votes by the Episcopal Church USA to endorse an openly gay man as bishop and to give the dioceses the option of blessing same-sex unions. The change is so pervasive as to separate the church from the very scriptures it was created to uphold. Already the decision is dividing the American church from the more conservative Anglican community throughout the world. A Ripple effect can be felt throughout all organized religion, which will no doubt have to address similar concerns in the near future.

The approval of a homosexual bishop by the church proclaims many things. It says the church is pulling away from the very principles that have given it meaning. And it says that the traditions that have been essential to Christendom are eroding. Most of all, it says that our sense of morality is in crisis.

Religion derives much of its meaning from its ability to provide us with an absolute moral point of reference that helps us determine right from wrong. Without this foundation we are condemned to formless lives. It is this absolute moral point that allows us to move beyond a strictly social (or relative) frame of reference to open the door to authentic spiritual discovery. Moral absolutes are the lifeblood of religion - all religion.

The Bible is a testament to moral absolutes. The word of God defines marriage only in terms of men and women and explicitly denounces homosexuality as a sin. Throughout its history, the church has consistently found that a homosexual lifestyle violates the basic tenets of the Bible. As such, it is the duty of our Christian leaders to stress the importance of a loving union between man and wife, under God. It is the duty of the church to preserve these basic and essential principles that arbitrate our lives.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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