Anne Yasmine Rassam

Both friends and enemies of the new Iraq, groping for its identity and its political stability, are drawing their own conclusions from this most singular act. The friends see hopeful signs in that the Baathist insurgents now may realize that their days of dominance are gone forever. That the inspiration of their “necessary leader” is no longer there to provide them with a rallying cry.

The enemies of the future of Iraq, ranging from a distraught Qaddafi who declared a period of mourning over his erstwhile fellow dictator to the anti-American coalition the world over, must realize that despite the mistakes, despite the lurches in the Iraqi path forward, history moves on and the days of the dictators are numbered.

Anne Yasmine Rassam

Anne Yasmine Rassam is vice president of foreign policy and international women's issues for the Independent Women’s Forum.

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