Ann Coulter

     As even liberal reviewers have noted, it was hardly an act of bravery for Edward R. Murrow to attack McCarthy. The New York Times was attacking McCarthy, The New York Post was attacking McCarthy and The Washington Post was attacking McCarthy. Every known news outlet was attacking McCarthy. McCarthy was in a pitched battle for his life, his career and the fate of the nation. Murrow merely jumped on the liberal bandwagon — and rather late in the game. (You want bravery? Try sitting all the way through "Solaris.")

     I gather the movie's two examples of McCarthy's perfidy are the cases of Annie Lee Moss and Milo Radulovich. As described in detail on Pages 62-64 of "Treason," Moss was a proved Communist Party member — who happened to be working in the Code Room of the Pentagon. It was an act of sheer madness, like, say, putting a member of al-Qaida at the Pentagon today or putting Pat Leahy on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Oh wait ...

     Moss put on a big Amos 'n' Andy show for a Senate committee, delighting racist liberals who happily proclaimed Moss too simpleminded to be a communist. Only thanks to McCarthy, who ignored the barrage of calumnies from liberals, Moss was moved to a less sensitive position at the Pentagon.

     As for Milo Radulovich, he had absolutely nothing to do with McCarthy. McCarthy never mentioned his name. So maybe liberals have finally found the one liberal in the '50s who was <i>not</i> on the payroll of the Soviet Union. I don't know and I don't care.

     Amusingly, Clooney said in an interview that Alger Hiss was "probably" a communist spy. By now, I believe even the Nation magazine has been forced to admit Hiss was more than that. But, Clooney says, the point is McCarthy "was wrong about 99 percent of them."

     If McCarthy was "wrong about 99 percent of them," when are we going to get a movie about one of the 99 percent? I might go see that movie.

     Clooney reverts to the standard Hollywood talking point, saying: "More important than that, (McCarthy) was wrong every time he denied people their civil liberties."

     Ah yes, the old civil liberties canard. Apparently, the only period worse than the BNOF under McCarthy is the current BNOF under President George Bush. This was followed by the usual number of specific examples of civil liberties that had been denied: zero.

Liberals churn out hysterical slander daily, but insist on acting like they are the ones under attack.  Come to think of it, the current BNOF is a lot like the original BNOF under McCarthy.

     The only people being tortured are those of us forced to endure the egos of Hollywood fantasists who profess left-wing views to prove they are deep thinkers.