Ann Coulter

  • "He's a scholarly man; he has a good education; he has been recommended by legal authorities; he has a good record in lower courts." – President Bush

  • "This decision had the advantage of being acceptable to conservatives, plus Democrats won't be able to attack him. There is nothing to grab a hold of, to whack him on." – An administration official

  • "Virtually every conservative who knows him trusts him and thinks he's a competent guy." – Newt Gingrich

  • "[He] has voiced opposition to many forms of abortion. He dislikes affirmative-action programs, contending that they amount to reverse discrimination. Also, he has vigorously defended ... the Lord's Prayer in its public schools." – Los Angeles Times

  • "He is a remarkable intellect and he's had great experience and he's had wide knowledge, and you all would enjoy an evening or more with him." – C. Boyden Gray

  • "This guy is a complete S.O.B. of a conservative and you can't prove it." – P.J. O'Rourke

  • "When you look at the man's record, his experience, his integrity and his ability to deal with tough questions of law in a way that the courts should, in a restrained way, not to attempt to legislate from the bench, I think he's a man in tune with the times." – Dick Thornburgh

  • "His view is: 'Here's what it says state government can do – and if it doesn't say it can do it, then it can't do it.'" – Lawyer who argued cases before the nominee

  • "[He] seems to be a judicial conservative, what we call a constitutional constructionist. ... That's satisfactory with us, if that's true." – National Right to Life's John Willke

  • "He is a 'stealth nominee.' ... The right's not yelling; the left is trying to yell but can't find much to yell about." – Bob Beckel

  • "This is a home run." – President Bush's chief of staff

He is David Hackett Souter, only the most recent reason Republican presidents – especially Republican presidents named "Bush" – have lost the right to say "Trust me" when it comes to Supreme Court nominations.

The other reasons are: Earl Warren, William Brennan, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy.

Like John Roberts, Souter attended church regularly. Souter was also touted for his great intellect. He went to Harvard! And Harvard Law! (Since when does that impress right-wingers? So did Larry Tribe. It is one of the eternal mysteries of the world that liberals are good test-takers.)