Ann Coulter

To put the Supreme Court's recent ban on the Ten Commandments display in perspective, here is a small sampling of other speech that has been funded in whole or in part by taxpayers:

  • Graphic videos demonstrating how to put a condom on and pep talks by "Planned Parenthood educators." – sex education classes at public schools across the nation

  • Qurans distributed to aspiring terrorists at Guantanamo. – U.S. military

  • "If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers (than the attack of 9-11), I'd really be interested in hearing about it." – Ward Churchill, professor, University of Colorado

  • We need "a million more Mogadishus" (referring to the slaughter of 18 American soldiers during a peacekeeping mission in Somalia in 1993). – Nicholas De Genova, assistant professor, Columbia University

  • "The entire federal government – the Congress, the executive, the courts – is united behind a right-wing agenda for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate. That agenda includes the power of the state to force pregnant women to surrender control over their own lives ... If you like the Supreme Court that put George W. Bush in the White House, you will swoon over what's coming. And if you like God in government, get ready for the Rapture ..." – Bill Moyers' commentary on PBS' "Now"

  • "Kiss it." – governor of Arkansas to state employee

  • "For most Americans ... (war with Japan) was a war of vengeance. For most Japanese, it was a war to defend their unique culture against Western imperialism ... Some have argued that the United States would never have dropped the bomb on the Germans, because Americans were more reluctant to bomb 'white people' than Asians." – Smithsonian exhibit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of VJ Day, later modified due to protests

  • "Anglos consolidated their control of New Mexico, acquiring huge holdings from the original owners through fraud and manipulation." – Smithsonian exhibit

  • "Ignored were the less honorable aspects of California history – the profiteering, revolts against Mexican authority and Indian massacres." – Smithsonian exhibit, comment on the painting "The Promised Land – The Grayson Family"

  • "This predominance of negative and violent views was a manifestation of Indian hating, a largely manufactured, calculated reversal of the basic facts of white encroachment and deceit." – Smithsonian exhibit

  • "In the Americas, sugar meant slavery." – Smithsonian exhibit