Ann Coulter

Arnold Beichman recently wrote a column attacking my latest book, "Treason" – which he at least admits he didn't read – claiming he has the "names of 'innocent lives' Mr. McCarthy ruined." I was excited to see it. I've been asking for just one innocent person ruined by Joe McCarthy for six weeks, but until now all I had gotten was wild speculation about my personal life.

But strangely, while Beichman claims to have the names of McCarthy's innocent victims, he declines to mention them. (It's been almost 50 years and these people still won't name names.) Instead he offers to send me "one of the most important testimonies about McCarthyism" by "one of our leading Sinologists" – if I provide my address. Since Beichman ain't getting my address, I've looked up the article on my own. It contains the names of precisely two people allegedly destroyed by McCarthy.

The author of this "illuminating article on Joe McCarthy" is one Richard Walker. He didn't allot much space for the discussion of McCarthy's victims, inasmuch as the article consisted primarily of Walker's reminiscences about himself. I quote:

  • "In 1953 I published my book 'The Multi-State System of Ancient China.' The reaction from the scholarly world was very good."

  • "One distinguished scholar – who shall remain nameless but who will appear in this narrative again in the context of events that happened a few years later – wrote to me, 'I wish to send my congratulations. I find it excellent and marvel at the mass of literature you went through to reach your conclusions ...'"

  • "Other reviewers praised the volume."

  • "Two of my graduate students, who subsequently received their doctorates from Yale, attended the meeting and told me what transpired. Following a few toasts and rounds of drinks, professor Derk Bodde (who was one of the first to apply for the post I was vacating at Yale) rose and announced, 'I propose a toast! We finally got Dick Walker!'"

Beichman wearily explained he refused to read my book because "life is too short." But life is not so short that it cannot be filled with days reading Dick Walker quoting people lauding Dick Walker. (How can I add my name to the list of people whose lives were ruined by Dick Walker?)