Ann Coulter

Raines said he would not resign, and Pinch said he would not accept Raines' resignation if offered. Which brings us to Pinch.

While we are having a debate about diversity and race-based policies, can't we all agree that no one should be defending nepotism? In one of 4 billion columns attacking President Bush this year, Times columnist Maureen Dowd accused him of getting into Yale only because he was a legacy. She sneered at the argument of White House aides that Bush also earned a degree from Harvard Business School though no Bush family member went there. Dowd responded: "They seemed genuinely surprised when told that Harvard would certainly have recognized the surname and wagered on the future success of the person with it."

I believe Sulzberger is a pretty well-known name, too. The Sulzberger-Ochs dynasty has controlled the Times for a century and a half. A college admissions committee would not have to wager on young Pinch's future success. It was his birthright to run the most powerful newspaper in the world someday. No messy elections could stand in his way. And yet, it appears that Harvard managed to turn him down. He was a legacy at Columbia University, but they didn't want him either. (Those must have been some low SAT scores.) Maureen might want to stay mum on the subject of dumb rich kids, at least for the next three or four decades.

Like Raines, Pinch blithely washed his hands of the stunning mismanagement at the Times, saying, "The person who did this is Jayson Blair." Commenting through his spokesman, a small stuffed moose, Pinch made the Churchillian pronouncement: "We didn't do this right. We regret that deeply. We feel it deeply. It sucks." Uday Hussein had more right to be in charge of Iraq's Olympic committee than Pinch Sulzberger does to be running a newspaper.

Under the race-based admissions at the University of Michigan, applicants are given four points for being a legacy and 20 points for being black. Does anyone think Pinch got only four points to be publisher of the Times? Couldn't the Sulzberger family just buy him a boat?