Ann Coulter

The genuine and spontaneous outrage of ordinary Americans against a small band of Democratic royalists was pointedly ignored in news accounts about the recount funds. The Washington Post's headline was: "Bush Far Outspent Gore on Recount." The Chicago Tribune's was: "Bush spent 4 times as much as Gore in Florida recount." The AP headline was: "IRS: Bush spent four times as much as Gore on Florida recount."

The thousands of small donations sent to Bush from average Americans all across the country was said to demonstrate "the powerful fund-raising abilities of the Republican Party" -- as The Washington Post obtusely put it.

Meanwhile, back at the Party of the People headquarters, the Democratic National Committee recently took in its largest single donation ever: $5 million from "producer" Stephen Bing -- our featured Democrat this week.

In the current Vanity Fair, Bing is described by other Hollywood billionaires as a self-effacing, modest man. As evidence, they note that he has only one maid. "Name anyone else with his wealth who has only one maid," Man of the People Rob Reiner says. "You'd be hard-pressed."

I'd be hard-pressed to think of one of my friends who has a maid. Marie Antoinette did not flaunt her wealth in such a way as "progressive" liberals in America do.

Rich Hollywood progressives raved about how Bing helps out strippers when they're down on their luck. (And, one may surmise, also down on their knees.) "I've helped so many," Bing says, "you'd have to get me the names." That's "self-effacing" for a liberal.

Bing's admiration for the underclass is mainly shown by his predilection for siring children out of wedlock. This seems to be the new status symbol among liberals, with Bing currently leading Jesse Jackson 2-to-1 in disclosed illegitimate children. (Q: How do you empty a room full of rich liberals? A: Ask for a paternity test.)

In a romance borne of progressivism, the mother of one of his illegitimate children, Elizabeth Hurley, crossed a Screen Actors Guild picket line. Bing gallantly paid her fine to the union. So much for the little people.

Also, he plays the blues on the piano. I take it back: He (BEGIN ITALS)is(END ITALS) a man of the people.

Interestingly, Bing doesn't make a fuss about the estate tax. His professional accomplishments amount to having dropped out of Stanford -- which we can assume he did not enter on the basis of his SAT scores -- and then spending a decade writing a single episode of "Married With Children." Bing's credentials as a producer are as credible as his belief that women are attracted to him for himself.

The current Democratic Party is a crowd of idle rich degenerates the likes of which hasn't been seen since the czar's court. When not occupied with abortions or strippers, they busy themselves denouncing the Cossacks as "the powerful."