Ann Coulter

Bosch's only known violent crime -- admittedly not proved with DNA evidence and a score of witnesses, but found by a jury nevertheless -- was to fire a rifle at a Polish ship docked off of Miami in 1968. No one was hurt and the ship was only slightly damaged, making it a more successful operation than John F. Kennedy's Bay of Pigs invasion. But, inexplicably, it is a crime to fire a rifle at communist freighters headed to Cuba.

For his one crime -- taking a shot at the Polish ship -- The New York Times labeled Bosch "one of the hemisphere's most notorious terrorists." (The other being Ken Starr.) Liberals so love Castro's Cuba, the last Great White Hope for a socialist paradise, they sometimes forget that being an anti-communist is not generally regarded as a terrorist act.

Bosch was paroled in 1974, but soon violated his parole by fleeing rather than testifying against a fellow anti-Castro Cuban. When Linda Tripp made a different choice about testifying against a friend, the Times didn't like that either. You can't win with these liberals.

After being held in Venezuelan jails for a decade while being (repeatedly) found innocent by Venezuelan courts, Bosch flew to Miami, turned himself in, and served three months in prison for his earlier parole violation.

But instead of releasing him, Attorney General Dick Thornburgh decided to deport Bosch in order to make room for Muslim terrorists interested in attending flight school. Surprisingly enough, the only country itching to admit Bosch was Cuba. So in 1990, when Bosch was in his 60s, the Bush Justice Department released him from a deportation holding cell with the proviso that he renounce violence and wear an electronic ankle bracelet for monitoring by federal agents.

The New York Times hysterically denounced the decision to release Bosch, claiming that Bosch was "known" for bombings. With slightly more plausibility, Bill Clinton is "known" for murdering Vince Foster. The Times also accused Bosch of being "a hero in the anti-Castro communities." If liberals hated homicidal Muslim fanatics half as much as they hate anti-communist Cubans, all of America would finally be behind the war on terrorism.

After Clinton skulked out of the White House with the silverware and pardon bribe money in his pocket, there were a dozen articles written by Clinton's most devoted media pets citing the dread case of Orlando Bosch, Terrorist. Bosch should probably be happy the Clinton Rehabilitation Project isn't calling him a stalker.