Ann Coulter

Tennessee state representative Henri Brooks (D, needless to say) has refused to say the pledge of allegiance for nine years because "to stand up and salute that flag that waved over the colonies that enslaved us and did all the horrible things that the institution of slavery represented, would be a slap in the face to my ancestors."

Syndicated columnist Julianne Malveaux also refuses to say the pledge of allegiance, explaining "my lips can't move ... I think of (those words) as nothing but a lie. Just a lie."

In an interview two days after Sept. 11, black singer Alicia Keys said she was "torn" by seeing American flags all over New York. She, too, sees "lies in that flag. I can't suddenly be all patriotic."

Yet now, in that presumptuous way of theirs of always speaking for the black man, liberals simply assume that blacks would have wanted to hoist the American flag at Ground Zero. Who are these liberal honkies imputing patriotism to blacks? Haven't we seen enough of this type of Jim Crow elitism from the left?

Liberals constantly want to have it every single way. They are indignant at the possibility that President Bush might have acted to help Enron. When it turns out he did not, they fume: What? He did nothing! He should have done something!

They hate the American flag, but on the other hand, demanding that two white men be ousted from the Fire Department statue also has its seditious attractions.

Who are they kidding? What they'd really like is a memorial showing a diverse group of Americans burning the flag. Isn't that the essence of our freedom, really? The right to dissent and not some phony flag-waving?

Liberals are, at best, indifferent to America winning the war in Afghanistan. They falsely proclaim that "of course, everyone" is rooting for America, so they can stop talking about it and get back to stirring up class and race resentments at home.

Meanwhile, three men with real names raised that flag in that photo at Ground Zero: New York City firefighters Dan McWilliams, George Johnson and Billy Eisengrein. We know what they'd do if the situation were reversed.

After World War II, a statue was made of six American servicemen raising the flag at Iwo Jima. (Three of the six raising the flag were killed in the battle.) White male patriarchs didn't bleach Indian Ira Hayes off the Iwo Jima memorial. Back when the oppressors were white men rather than race demagogues, the truth still counted for something.