Ann Coulter
The New York City Fire Department commissioned a statue of the famous photo of three magnificent firemen hoisting an American flag at Ground Zero on Sept. 11. The men in the photo were all Caucasians, but the statue will instead portray one white, one black and one Hispanic raising the flag.

We should probably be relieved it's not going to be a statue of three Muslims in burkas raising the flag.

The decision to change the truth was made by the studio making the statue; Mayor Michael Bloomberg's fire commissioner, Nicholas Scoppetta; along with Forest City Ratner Companies, which owns the property at FDNY headquarters where the statue will be located. Fire Department spokesman Frank Gribbon explained that two of the white men would be eliminated in order to more accurately reflect all of the firemen who died at the World Trade Center.

Except, like the statue, that's a lie, too. A statue that accurately reflected the racial composition of the New York Fire Department -- as well as those who died on Sept. 11 -- would have to show 33 firemen raising the flag, one of whom would be Hispanic and one of whom would be black. (Blacks make up 2.7 percent of the NYFD, and Hispanics 3.2 percent.)

Liberals love erasing the truth. They call their lies "legally accurate," "affirmative action," "saving the Constitution" -- and now, "art." When the truth is gone, brute political power prevails. And manifestly, white men have no political power in modern America. They just rush in to save us when the nation is attacked.

But having emerged from months of therapy, Manhattan liberals have forgotten about planes flying into their buildings and can now cheerfully return to snarling about "angry white men," "white male oppressors" and "dead white men." After a few months of applause from terrified Manhattan liberals, firemen are no longer heroes. They are privileged white males again.

It is a privilege that allows them to be discriminated against in college admissions, jobs, government contracts, teaching positions, scholarships and so on.

Liberal race demagogues so love goading white men, they can't get their story straight on the American flag. The last word on the flag out of the left was that blacks do not share in white America's jingoistic flag-waving.

Four days after the attack, black firemen in Opa-Locka, Fla., refused to ride on a fire truck that displayed the American flag on the grounds that it was a symbol of the oppression of blacks.