Ann Coulter

There was only one overt action Condit mentioned ever taking toward Chandra during their entire relationship (which may or may not have existed): a phone call he placed to her after she disappeared. The cover-up phone call! Condit really wanted to get that out there -- a call he happened to make to Chandra "later in the week," after "the 30th or the 31st or sometime in that week."

Condit's casual mention of April "31st" was also highly confidence inspiring. As everyone following this story knows, April 30 is the day Chandra was last seen and May 1 -- the next day -- is when she disappeared. But maybe Condit hasn't been following news on the missing Washington intern.

All this is a long-winded way of saying what the entire country recognized instantly after watching Condit's interview: The man is Clintonesque.

"Clintonesque" is an adjective meaning "oily dissembler, shunned by decent society." It first entered the American lexicon circa Jan. 21, 1998. Earlier uses are of uncertain meaning, such as the first recorded citation in the Lexis Nexis database describing Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., as having run "as a Clintonesque Democrat" (New York Times, Dec. 26, 1992).

Erstwhile Clinton-lovers now in a state of righteous indignation about Condit better hope he murdered Chandra. Otherwise, they have a lot of 'splaining to do. Admittedly, it's not a rash assumption. But on the basis of what is known about Condit, as opposed to assumed, everything liberals said about Clinton is now officially true: This is just about sex.

It's not enough to bleat that there is a "missing girl" this time. That is tautological: Condit has relevant information to Chandra's disappearance only if he was involved in Chandra's disappearance. There were plenty of other people close to Chandra who didn't immediately gush to investigators about Chandra's habits and lifestyle -- including some with knowledge of her adulterous affair. No one is jumping down their throats.

And no one can seriously believe that if Monica had gone missing, Bill Clinton would have rushed to the public with information about his sleazy affair. Liberals are beginning to sound like the dissembling congressman: They're giving us a lot of long speeches about Condit, but short, curt replies on the difference between Condit and Clinton.