Ann Coulter
One flashy book deal and Hillary is like a sailor on payday, infected with envy and avarice. Except the thing is: Mad Meg -- the giddiest member of the nouveau rich -- isn't that rich. And she has a lot of debt. That $8 million book deal probably disqualifies Chelsea from any Stanford scholarship she was enjoying, too.

Hillary! seems to be under the illusion that her tawdry book deal can pole-vault her into the East Hampton/Manhattan/Hollywood crowd. The wannabe sex kitten Hil is done channeling frumpy old Eleanor Roosevelt and has moved on to channeling Jackie O.

She's been looking at a Georgetown mansion once owned by Jackie Kennedy's mother and that carries a $4 million price tag. According to New York doormen, Hillary! is also looking for a pied-a-terre in Manhattan.

What is she? A senator or Gwyneth Paltrow? Doesn't she have to work? Hillary seems to think being a senator consists primarily of going to wine parties and Gucci openings. She gets an $8 million book advance and immediately goes out house-shopping with her Hollywood friends.

Someone better explain taxes to America's oldest post-graduate student. After the whopping tax bill on that advance, she can't afford a $4 million house. Hillary has not lived a stable middle-class existence since adolescence. Poor Hil has never owned a home and doesn't understand how money works. She's like a 20-year-old professional athlete who spends all his money as it comes in and ends up in bankruptcy. No real people live like that.

Though Hillary has recently denied rumors about the Chappaqua, N.Y., house being on the market, there are reasons -- apart from her denial -- to think the house is for sale. Hasn't it has already served its purpose, creating the preposterous illusion of Susie Homemaker submitting to a pleasant suburban existence? A credulous bare majority of voters of New York swallowed it. No point in keeping that white elephant any longer.

Hillary!, like Bill, is willing to insult the intelligence of 49 percent of the electorate as long as she can bamboozle 51 percent into voting for her. But unlike Bill, she brazenly puts her contempt for voters on display. After Gov. Clinton lost a re-election bid -- attributed in part to Arkansas voters' reaction to his abrasive harridan of a wife -- Hillary threw feminist caution to the wind and finally took her husband's last name.

Hil remained "Hillary Clinton" through Bill's first presidential campaign. Indeed, she went into headband overdrive when polls showed the "Vote for one, get one free" slogan got on the voters' nerves.