Ann Coulter
It won't be easy for Republicans to lose this one. By sheer dint of hard work, they're still trying to pull it off. Republicans are good at losing. Stick with what you're good at. Among a slew of others, John O'Sullivan, an editor-at-large of National Review, has counseled losing, noting that it could be a "blessing in disguise" in light of the fact that the economy is likely to tank during the next president's term.

I'm not convinced you ever really hit pay dirt by losing, but I am positive it's not a good idea right now.

It's bad enough for Americans to have witnessed a known lawbreaker sitting in the Oval Office. Criminal methods -- perjury, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, using the instruments of federal government to intimidate one's enemies -- all this has been shown to succeed. On the heels of that, it really cannot be good for the country to watch a presidential election being openly stolen by the horny hick's assistant.

Al Gore's smarmy claim that he is dragging the country through this nightmare out of principle is like nothing so much as President Clinton's claim that he fought impeachment to vindicate the Constitution. Thank you, Monica, for helping me defend the Constitution. Gore is not doing this for the abstract principle of "consent of the governed," "land of the free," "home of the brave" or whatever his platitude of the day is.

He's not doing it to ensure that George W. Bush assumes power with legitimacy. Being president is legitimacy. President Clinton became president with less experience than George W., won a far smaller percentage of the sublime popular vote, and then he trashed the place when he got there. To be sure, his presidency was not without its bumps, but he's still there, and still being reported on as if he's legitimate.

Somehow the media manage to report on Clinton's jaunts abroad and state dinners without incessant reminders that he was the first elected president ever impeached, the first president whose DNA had to be subpoenaed for a criminal investigation, the first president laughed at by a grand jury, and so on.

It really isn't going to hurt Bush to have some guy out there going around claiming he's president.