Ann Coulter
The cheek of Vice President Al Gore claiming he will give a larger tax break to "working families" and "those who need a voice" is really more than any voter should have to bear. Gore's "targeted" tax cuts are like the phony "money-back guarantees" or "manufacturer's rebates" so prevalent in the retail industry. Everyone knows that almost no one will ever get the box and packing paper to mail back a defective product or go through bureaucratic hell for a $10 rebate.

Gore has proposed a tax system that employs the same scam. It theoretically provides a lot of tax relief if anyone could figure out how to qualify and was willing to behave accordingly. But in all probability, almost no "working family" will be able to ascertain exactly which hoops it must jump through to be eligible for Gore's precious tax rebates. No liberal ever gives up government revenue that easily.

The last time the government adopted the snake-oil methods of the private sector was when FDR decided to mimic the pay-as-you-go plans in the retail context, and we ended up with a withholding tax. For the first time, instead of writing a single whopping check to the federal government once a year, workers began to have relatively small amounts lifted from their paychecks each week precisely so they wouldn't be as likely to notice that they were being fleeced.

Federal income taxes have risen astronomically since the payroll tax innovation. For the record, a federal appeals court once ruled some such payment plans "unconscionable" in the private sector.

Most people sit back and marvel at the genius of these shysters; liberals want to figure out how the government can adopt the worst capitalist scams. (Also note how state governments across the nation are now trying to horn in on the lucrative gambling industry with state lotteries that, like Atlantic City, pander to the average person's inability to calculate odds.)

Even those few intrepid citizens who attempt to apply for one of Gore's byzantine tax credits will have to engage in desirable liberal behaviors in order to qualify. The government will fork over a puny tax credit only if, for example, the "working family" has children, and if the mothers in these "working families" agree to abandon their children to socialist, industrialized day-care centers. No sending the kids to grandma.