Andrew Langer

One area in which the US could show some strength is on trade policy—especially when it comes to pushing back against the cronyism of other nations. Other nations, with governments actively colluding with corporate interests in order to massively subsidize their efforts, serve to undermine US economic power. And yet this administration (engaging in crony capitalism of its own), seeks to further erode these economic interests by doing what it can to put US companies at a competitive disadvantage: running up regulatory costs, labor costs, energy costs.

Free trade works, and our efforts to promote US interests abroad should be based on this precept. We should be using what remaining power we have to promote a system in which no country uses cronyism to a competitive advantage—and that we, as a nation, will not unilaterally disarm when it comes to trade until they do. This “zero-for-zero” policy is a clear step in that direction.

Patriots’ Day reminds us of the principles upon which this nation was built. It also serves as a reminder as to the erosion of those principles by those in power. In order for America to remain strong, both here and on the world stage, we have to ensure that our industries remain competitive. We must not, cannot disarm. We must act.

Andrew Langer

Andrew Langer is President of the Institute for Liberty, an organization that works to ensure that America stays both exceptional and strong.