Andrew Langer

Now, there are logical and rational plans out there—and amazingly (given the criticism that free-marketeers and limited-government activists have levied at them over time), the US sugar industry, has come up with one!

All sugar producers around the globe want something. Our sugar producers want an undistorted market. Foreign sugar producers want access to the US market. And the rational answer the US sugar industry is straightforward: end the kinds of sugar policies that were just renewed for 5 years in the Farm Bill in exchange for other nations ending their massive subsidies to their sugar producers.

The only venue for this would be the WTO—who can address the policies each nation has towards their sugar industries all at the same time. It can, more easily than in any other arena, broker an economic cease fire with regards to international subsidies—and it could serve as a model for other areas of agriculture as well.

It’s probably the best opportunity we have for curing misguided protectionist policies. It certainly prevents the kinds of bait & switch that we seem to be seeing far too often from the US Congress. It actually solves a problem, a problem that desperately needs to be solved.

Andrew Langer

Andrew Langer is President of the Institute for Liberty, an organization that works to ensure that America stays both exceptional and strong.